Haley Clark Dance Company


643 W 6th St. San Pedro, CA 90731



Jessica Haley-Clark is the owner and director of the Haley Clark Dance Company. She has been dancing for over 10 years and received her Bachelors degree from Humboldt State University in Elementary Education and Dance Studies.  In addition, Jessica is a special education teacher, a certified behavior interventionist, and tutor.

Through the HCDC, Jessica plans to provide educational, fitness, and dance services to individuals in San Pedro and surrounding cities

Fun, Dance, Fitness, Cardio is what the HCDC is all about. The Haley Clark Dance Company in San Pedro, CA (HCDC) founded by Jessica Haley-Clark in 2015 is a gateway for people of all ages who have a passion for dance and a desire for living a healthier lifestyle. The HCDC offers dance classes and fitness classes to the community.

Our mission is to create a dance company where people can learn the art of dance, launch careers in dance, and become successful in all that they do. In addition, the HCDC focuses on promoting health and wellness to all ages; including those diagnosed with autism and special needs. HCDC is not your average dance studio; we have a mission to impact the lives of others, one person at a time through fitness and dance.